Paws on the Prairie Mobile Grooming

Paws on the Prairie
Mobile Grooming

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Other Services 

(If wanted separately)

$3-$5 bows/bandannas

$10-$20 nail polish application

$5 brush teeth

$5 ear cleaning/plucking

$10+ hair coloring (to an extent)

$15-$30 anal glands

$15-$30 face, feet, sanitary trim

$35-$75 bath and brush out only depending on size 

$15  Front Line Flea and Tick Preventative Applicatio

$15 extra Flea Treatment Shampoo

$10 extra De-shedding Treatment Shampoo

Our Services & Pricing

We offer everything from a simple nail trim to a complete clip down and everything in between. The best part..we come to you!! 

All full grooms and de-sheddings come with a bath (2 shampoos & a conditioner) a leave in conditioner, facial scrub, fluff dry, clip/trim/shave of your preference, ears plucked (if needed) and cleaned, nails trimmed to a safe length, anal glands expressed and teeth brushed. 

Full Grooms

$65-$70 small dogs

$75-$80 medium dogs

$85-$90 large dogs

$95+       x-large dogs

Brush out/De-shedding (no bath)

$25-$30 small dogs

$35-$40 medium dogs

$45-$50 large dogs

$55-$60 x-large dogs

Nail Trims

$15 for cats

$10 for x-small/puppies

$15 for small/medium dogs

$20-$25 for large/x-large dogs

$5 extra nails filed

**These prices are based on dogs who are on a regular grooming schedule of 4-8 weeks, with no matting and a good temperament.

***We do not offer cat grooming at this time. Nail trims only. Thank you!